Krenar Gashi

Krenar GashiKrenar Gashi is a doctoral fellow (Basileus-funded) at the Centre for EU Studies, Ghent University, since 2014. His research focuses on the conceptualisation of EU foreign policy and on relations between the EU and the countries of the Western Balkans. Having studied sociology at the University of Pristina, Kosovo, Gashi obtained an MA in Journalism and Communication in his home country and started his career as an investigative reporter, working for Balkan Insight and covering Kosovo for the Financial Times. He is the founder of Prishtina Insight, the only English-language newspaper in Kosovo. In 2009, Gashi turned to policy research working with KIPRED, Kosovo’s first think tank, initially as research director and later as executive director. In 2011, he established the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP), which is the most influential think tank in Kosovo, having contributed in drafting and amending tens of key laws and policies. He also writes the Freedom House’s Nations in Transit reports for Kosovo since 2011. In 2013, Gashi obtained an MA in European Politics (with distinction) from the University of Sussex (UK), where he was awarded the Jean Monnet Prize by the Sussex European Institute.

Research interests

External policies of the European Union, particularly in the Western Balkans, politics of transition, peacekeeping, enlargement, Europeanisation, democratisation, constructivism.


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