Turkey and the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

30-11-2020 from 11:30 to 13:30
Zoom webinar
Dries Lesage
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Old disputes about maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean between Turkey, Greece and Cyprus have been flaring up over the past months.

Turkey EventThose issues are strongly interconnected with the Cyprus question. In recent years, discoveries of fossil fuel deposits around the island have complicated the relationship between the two Cypriot communities and their foreign backers. Moreover, and dramatically, the maritime disputes got intertwined with recent escalations in the Libyan civil war. In 2019 Turkey struck a maritime deal with the government in Tripoli, while the international coalitions that compete at sea and in Libya involve quite the same countries. We will examine these issues from the perspective of Turkey, guided by the following questions:

1. What are the main causes and motivations for Turkey’s recent policies in the Eastern Mediterranean. How do internal and external factors meet?
2. How could the law of the sea and diplomacy help to ease and settle this new multilayered crisis?
3. What to expect in particular from the EU?


The panelists are:

- Dr. Ziya Meral (RUSI, London

- Dr. Sinem Adar (SWP- Berlin)


This panel will be organised through Zoom:

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