Foreign Policy Analysis

foreign policy analysisWhat are the main determinants of the foreign and security policies of states?

Rather than exclusively focusing on international or domestic level explanations, the GIIS takes into account that foreign policy is the result of a complex interplay between determinants located at different levels of analysis.

In order to arrive at a comprehensive explanation of foreign policy actions and decisions, the GIIS combines diverse international relations theories like neoclassical realism and democratic peace, with insights from the theoretical strand of foreign policy analysis (FPA).

Foreign policy analysis is well-known for opening up the black box of the state and identifying how relevant domestic actors, such as leaders, political parties and bureaucracies might impact upon foreign policymaking.

Geographically speaking, the GIIS mostly focuses on the foreign policy of European countries and Turkey.


Concretely, the GIIS focuses on the following research topics:

-        Turkish foreign policy

-        Foreign and security policy of European countries

-        The foreign policies of small states in general and, in particular Belgium

-        Determinants of military deployment decisions

-        Domestic role contestation of foreign policy