In the framework of this project, a book has been published on ‘The European Union and the Social Dimension of Globalization: How the EU Influences the World(Routledge, GARNET Europe in the World series, December 2008).


This volume provides a comprehensive account of the European Union’s social role in the world, assessing the EU’s ability to shape the social aspect of globalization from both law and political science perspectives. Focusing explicitly on the EU, the authors address the extent of coherence between the Union’s international social objectives compared with the activities of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and with other EU foreign policy goals. Various dimensions of Europe’s global social role are addressed, including:

  • the social dimension of EU trade relations
  • the involvement of civil society in EU development policies
  • the linkage between the EU’s internal and external ‘social model’
  • the export of Europe’s social acquis through enlargement and neighbourhood policies
  • the EU’s international position on health, gender equality, children’s rights, and corporate social responsibility
  • the role of the Union in the International Labour Organization

The European Union and the Social Dimension of Globalization will be of strong interest to students and researchers in EU studies, Globalization studies, and Social Policy


  • From the social clause to the social dimension of globalization (Jan Orbie and Lisa Tortell)
  • In search of a coherent social policy: EU import and export of ILO labour standards? (Tonia Novitz)
  • EU enlargement and social standards: Exporting the European social model? (Maarten Keune)
  • The social dimension of EU neighbourhood policies (Sieglinde Gstöhl)
  • EU-ILO relations: Between regional and global governance (Ailish Johnson)
  • Writing a new normative standard? EU member states and ILO conventions (Robert Kissack)
  • The EU and the ILO Maritime Labour Convention: 'In our common interest and in the interest of the world' (Lisa Tortell, Rudi Delarue and Jeffrey Kenner)
  • The EU and the health dimension of globalisation (Sébastien Guigner)
  • The social dimension of EU trade policies (Jan Orbie, Myriam Gistelinck, Bart Kerremans)
  • The European Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy: A pole of excellence? (Olga Martin-Ortega and Muzaffer Eroglu)
  • Lobbying the EU for gender-equal development (Petra Debusscher and Jacqui True)
  • Civil Society and EU development policies in Africa and Latin America (An Huybrechts and Rafael Peels)
  • The EU's international promotion of the rights of the child (Ian Manners)

ISBN: 978-0-415-46694-3
Binding: Hardback
Published by: Routledge
Publication Date: 16th December 2008
Pages: 264