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Recent werd onze vakgroepbibliotheek aangevuld met volgende werken:

titel auteur(s) Plaatsnummer
Action Theory  Helmut Staubmann (Ed.)  AB1037A
Actor, Situation and Normative Pattern  Talcott Parsons  AB1037B
Values of American Society  Talcott Parsons, Winston White  AB1037C
40 jaar OCMW en Bijstand Marjolein De Wilde, Bea Cantillon, Frank Vandenbroucke en Maria De Bie HK118
Popular democracy. The Paradox of Participation Gianpaolo Baiocchi & Ernesto Ganuza KB729
Advances in Comparative-Historical Analysis James Mahoney & Kathleen Thelen ACM599
White trash Nancy Isenberg DBC040
Dictators and democrats Stephan Haggard & Robert Kaufman KB730
Theory and method in higher education research vol 2 Jeroen Huisman (ed.) FM722B
New languages and landscapes of higher education Peter Scott (ed.) FM736
Consumption Alan Warde CE556
Ongelijk maar fair Marc De Vos FD339
Policy analysis of structural reforms in higher education Jeroen Huisman, Martina Vukasovic (eds.) FM737
Democratizing Health : Consumer Groups in the Policy Process Hans Lofgren HI301
Child's play Michael A. Messner (ed.) GH160
Schools and Societies Steven Brint FM739
A manual for internal quality assurance in higher education Lucien Bollaert FM738