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Titel Auteur(s) Call nr
The Social Legitimacy of Targeted Welfare Attitudes to Welfare Deservingness  Wim van Oorschot (ed.) e.a. KF085
Civil Society in Europe Van der Ploeg T. J. e.a. ST096
The Oxford Handbook of Justice in Workplace Cropanzano Russel, Ambrose Maureen AB1048
The Oxford Handbook of Diversity in  Organizations Bendl Regine,  Bleijenbergh Inge AB1047
Distributive and Procedural Justice: Research and Social Applications Törnblom Kjell, Vermunt Riël FX478
Welfare words Paul Michael Garrett KF084
The Routledge Companion to Media and Human Rights Howard Tumber (ed.) FK311
Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis (2nd ed.) Andrew F. Hayes ACM578B
Sociology in Belgium: A Sociological History Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx, Davide Dusi AB1049