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titel auteur(s) Call nr
The Feminization of   Sports Fandom Stacey Pope GH161
Civil Society, the third sector and   social entreprise: Governance and democracy Jean-Louis Laville, Dennis R. Young, Philippe Eynaud ST090
Reforming democracy. Institutional   Engineering in Wester Europe Camille Debock KB733
Militants and citizens. The Politics of   participatory democracy in Porto Alegre Gianpaolo Baiocchi ST092
The social life of politics. Ethics,   Kinship and union activism in Argentina Sian Lazar FQ169
In the wake of Neoliberalism. Citizenship   and human rights in Argentina Karen Ann Faulk KB732
Social Changes in a Global World Ulrike Schuerkens GA289
Good times, bad times John Hills KF083
Het gezin in Vlaanderen 2.0 Dirk Luyten e.a. DF291
Ongehoord populisme Thierry Kochuyt, Koen Abts FQ170
Case study research Robert K Yin ACM602
De enige en zijn eigendom Max Stirner FQ171