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Titel Auteur(s) Call nr
Evolution Science and Ethics in the Third Millennium. Challenges and Choices for Humankind. Robert Cliquet GG063
Migratie als metafoor Jean-Claude Métraux DH244
Social Advantage and Disadvantage Hartley Dean and Lucinda Platt GB220
Processual Sociology Andrew Abbott AB1050
Organizing institutional environment Jelena Brankovic FM750
Kwalitatieve analyse met Nvivo Dimitri Mortelmans ACM566B
Recovery and mental health: a critical sociological account David Pilgrim & Ann McCrainie HF156
Giving blood Johanne Charbonneau (ed.) HI302
What is Political Sociology? Elisabeth S. Clemens KB748
The Aesthetic Imperative Peter Sloterdijk FJ221
Social semiotics for a complex world Bob Hodge E151
The American dream: A short history of an idea that shaped a nation Cullen, J.  DCB042
Social Mobility for the 21st Century: Everyone a Winner?.  Lawler, S., & Payne, G. (Eds.) GB221
Strangers in paradise: Academics from the working class Ryan, J., & Sackrey, C. GB222
Medical sociology: an introduction Hannah Bradby HI303
Bio-objects Niki Vermeulen (ed.) e.a. GG064
The American dream: A cultural history Samuel, L. R.  DBC043
Demands on Democracy José Maria Maravall KB751
Paradigms Lost: Fighting Stigma and the Lessons Learned Heather Stuart, Julio Arboleda-Florez, Norman Sartorius HF157
Trust and Power Niklas Luhmann KB750
The Great Regression Heinrich Geiselberger KB749