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Titel Auteur(s) Call nr
The Sage Handbook of   Neoliberalism Damien Cahill, Melinda Cooper KB754
Educational Choices,   Transitions and Aspirations in Europe Aina Tarabini, Nicola Ingram (eds.) FM751
Reviving Ophelia Mary Pipher FF330
Philosophical Introductions Jürgen Habermas AB1051
The sociology of   Organizations: an anthology of contemporary Theory and Research Amy S. Wharton FA291
Sex and war Malcolm Potts GG065
To Vote or Not to Vote André Blais KB755
Freedom as Marronage Roberts N. DCE170
Girls Like This, Boys Like   That: The reproduction of gender in contemporary youth cultures Cann Victoria CH527
Nieuw Rechts Ico Maly KB756
Violence and Civilization in   the Western States-Systems Andrew Linklater KB757
Does war make States?   Investigations of Charles Tilly's Historical Sociology Lars Bo Kaspersen, Jeppe Strandsbjerg KB760
The Mask and the Flag:   Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest Paolo Gerbaudo KB758
The Populist Radical Right in   Central and Eastern Europe: Ideology, impact, and electoral performance Andrea L.P. Pirro KB759
Partners in tijden van   ouderschap Kathleen Emmery & Dirk Luyten (Red.) FB148
The New Boss Niklas Luhmann FA292
Tocqueville James T. Schleifer AB1052
The New Authoritarianism Salvatore Babones KB761