PSYNC refers to 'psychology' and 'synchronize'. This research consortium is housed within the faculty of psychology and educational sciences at Ghent University.



Several faculty members within the field of clinical psychology joined forces. This is where academic and socially relevant aims synchronize. We are an information hub for researchers as well as for stakeholders within and outside our university.


Knowledge translation

We create added value in merging science and (clinical) practice. Our mission is to develop a common strategy to translate clinically relevant research to the clinical field and to the broader society. An evidence based approach is fundamental:

"Making decisions through the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of four sources of information: practitioner expertise and judgment, evidence from the local context, a critical evaluation of the best available research evidence, and the perspectives of those people who might be affected by the decision." (Briner, Denyer, & Rousseau, 2009).