Caroline Braet

Caroline Braet is a full professor in the Department of Developmental, Personality, and Social Psychology at Ghent University. She is teaching developmental and clinical aspects of childhood therapy and is researching programs for children. She also serves as the coordinator, supervisor, and a therapist at the Children’s University Hospital at Ghent University where she provides childhood obesity consultation and at the Ghent University Child Mental Health Center.

She is also the coordinator at the Zeepreventorium in De Haan, a residential care institute for severe obese children. She has conducted a number of research investigations. Since 2000, she broadened her experience and scientific work together with her group to the field of childhood depression and related psychopathology. She is author or co-author of over 100 ISI- publications. She was the promotor or co-promotor of 11 finished PhD-projects and currently is promotor of 5 PhD students in projects on childhood obesity, eating problems, role of family, and child psychopathology.