Familylab conducts fundamental as well as applied research in the field of couple and family psychology. It contains Prof. Ann Buysse and Prof. Lesley Verhofstadt as faculty members.

Familylab aims at

  • contributing to a scientific understanding of couple and family (dys)functioning
  • developing evidence-based tools for preventive and therapeutic interventions within the field of couple and family therapy
  • translating research findings into practice and policy

Within it's research, familylab uses a combination of large-scale surveys, behavioral observations in the lab, diary methods, qualitative interviews, and focus groups.

Research topics

  • Sexual health
  • Mechanisms underlying relationship (dis)satisfaction and (in)stability
  • Diversity within the family
  • Biological and social parenthood
  • Parental guidance
  • Divorce and counseling
  • Family stress and coping

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