Vision and mission


PSYNC promotes cooperation within the field of clinical psychology as well as between the consortium and stakeholders. Within the consortium we create optimal conditions for researchers to work together. Departing from a common strategy on valorization we make a connection with stakeholders in the (clinical) field. These stakeholders are:

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Professional associations
  • Associations for health and well-being
  • Patient- and parent associations
  • Government authorities

We create a dialogue, based on equality, with stakeholders through the organization of user groups.


Fundamental objectives:

  • Promoting cooperation within and outside of the consortium
  • Developing a strategy to translate and implement relevant clinical research
  • Building up and maintaining contact with stakeholders from within and outside the academic field
  • Developing useful and evidence based instruments for stakeholders
  • Proactively searching for research funding
  • Administrative support in writing proposals
  • Contributing to a critical debate in society based on scientific insight