Aims and objectives PSYNC

PSYNC has 4 fundamental aims:

Communication and meeting each other

We organize user groups to gather researchers and stakeholders from the (clinical) field together. Our focus is oriented towards the following topics:

  • Developmental and behavioral disorders
  • Affective and mood disordersBolophand
  • Healthy food and eating disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Couple and family psychology
  • Psychosomatics and pain

    Launching research aimed at valorization

    PSYNC supports in finding research funding. Therefore we:

    • Bring partners from within and outside the academic field together
    • Explore relevant financial resources (e.g. through IWT, FWO, Hercules)Bordvraag
    • Track relevant calls
    • Supply administrative support in writing a good proposal
    • Contact relevant central departments within Ghent University (e.g. research coordination, Techtransfer,...)

    PSYNC is also involved in a European Horizon 2020 project called ACCOMPLISSH. This project is aimed at accelerating co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platform for impact from Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). Creating an innovative valorisation concept will enable SSH research and contribute to innovation for a variety of lead-users and end-users. Within ACCOMPLISSH a manual for co-creation was written in English as well as in Dutch.

      Making data available and making data collection easier

      PSYNC supports data gathering for research purposes. It also disseminates scientific knowledge within and outside the consortium. Several initiatives have been taken:

      • PSYNC collaborates with, a scientific blog that popularizes research in a media friendly and creative format. To reach an even larger audience, we are working together with Knack Online.
      • The Psychotherapy Single Case Database (PSCD) project aims to develop a database of published single cases in the field of psychotherapy research.
      • PSYNC is developing an online tool that will allow easy use of standardized questionnaires for research- as well as clinical purposes. The will give researchers, health professionals and their patients easy access to questionnaires (to measure for example depressive feelings or anxiety). More information is available (in Dutch).
      • PSYNC developed an composite index to measure the societal position of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women in different European member states. Download the final report.


      PSYNC is a helpdesk for all questions related to valorization. We are the intersection for all issues related to research funding, administrative help with writing a proposal, and finding academic and non-academic partners.

      We collaborate with the Ghent University EU-cel that provides elaborate support and information on European and international funding opportunities.