Wim Hardyns is the first laureate of the ESC Early Career Award

Foto Wim Hardyns (large view)

Foto Wim Hardyns

(02-09-2020) The European Society of Criminology Early Career Award recognises the outstanding scientific achievement of an early career European criminologist.

The European Society of Criminology has decided to award Wim Hardyns the 2020 ESC Early Career Award, which recognises the outstanding scientific achievement of an early career European criminologist.
The award is granted every second year, starting from 2020.

The award committee considered that Wim Hardyns' main publications (25) have been published in internationally peer-reviewed journals and many of these journals have a high impact factor. In fact, since 2009 he has published not only in criminology journals but also in journals of other disciplines, primarily computer sciences and some of these journals have higher impact factors than criminology journals. Twenty-two other articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals without impact factor, primarily in Dutch. Wim has also published 40 book chapters, 20 as first or single author. Several of these books have been published by international publishing companies. Wim has also been editor of nine volumes, four times as first editor.
Wim Hardyns' track record is not only impressive from a quantitative but also from a qualitative point of view. He has a broad expertise that spans the following fields: quantitative criminology, survey methodology, big data analytics, crime prevention, policing strategies, security and new technologies, sport-related crime, and radicalization and terrorism. Specifically, he has conducted groundbreaking research on predictive policing in Europe, a new and important theme in criminology. He launched on this topic a large-scale research program in 2015—and he has thus been one of the first, if not the first, criminologist(s) in Europe to study predictive policing. His aim has so far been twofold: to develop and test evidence-based predictive policing algorithms in Europe, on the one hand, and to conduct real-time field experiments in police forces on the other hand. This program has resulted in several studies, high-level publications in renowned journals and ongoing PhDs in this new field of criminology.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Awards Ceremony will take place online during the e-conference of the ESC (https://www.eurocrim2020.com/) on 10 September 2020.

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