BISC Conference 29 June 2018

29-06-2018 van 09:00 tot 16:30
Conference Room Yourcenar, Chamber of Representatives, Leuvenseweg 48, 1000 Brussels
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BISC | Belgian Intelligence Studies Centre / IRCP | Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy
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BISC Conference - 29 June 2018 - International collaboration regarding intelligence services and intelligence studies

Intelligence services have a central role in our daily lives, considering the multitude of security threats. Their assignments and methods of intelligence gathering have a vital importance in detaining these threats. Naturally, international collaboration amongst intelligence services and intelligence study centres is vital.

But how is collaboration guaranteed and with whom do we collaborate? This question will be dealt with during our BISC conference "International collaboration regarding intelligence services and intelligence studies".


Practical information:


120 Euro. Included: drinks, lunch and a book publication (BISC-Cahiers 9).
Please, subscribe quickly as seats are limited. Registration: UGent Congrezzo  until Wednesday 27/06/2018.


The presentations will be given in English, French and Dutch.



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