Vacancy Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantitative Criminology

(08-12-2021) UGent is looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantitative Criminology

We are recruiting one full-time researcher at the postdoctoral level with an interest in doing quantitative analysis.

You will primarily work on the Crime Forager project (see below, The Crime Forager project), a research project in which Optimal Foraging Theory is applied to better understand the target and location choices of illicit graffiti artists. With quantitative analysis techniques you will investigate how features of graffiti images (their nature, and where and when they are painted) are related to features of the environment (e.g., house, street, and neighborhood characteristics). You will have access to previously collected data on illicit graffiti, a range of secondary datasets, and the necessary computational resources ( You will take primary responsibility for presenting intermediate results at international conferences and publishing findings in academic journals. You are encouraged to propose additional ways of developing the theory and methodology of the Crime Forager project.

In addition, you will participate in the activities of Prof. Christophe Vandeviver’s research team, which includes contributing to ongoing quantitative research. As part of your supporting the research team, you may be asked to contribute to research funding applications and commissioned research, for which you will be acknowledged as appropriate.

English will be the main working language.

The Crime Forager project

The Crime Forager project deals with the study of where and when offenders choose to offend. It comes out of the recognition that the foraging decisions of offenders and animals exhibit many similarities and that using traditional police recorded crime data comes with many disadvantages. Therefore, harnessing the theoretical and methodological advances in the optimal foraging literature as well as studying a highly-visible and ubiquitous offense such as illicit graffiti may allow criminologists to develop a greater understanding of target and location choice by offenders in general. Ultimately, the project aims to develop a foraging framework for offender decision-making and demonstrate its applicability to illicit graffiti behavior.

In the Crime Forager project, you will closely collaborate with Prof. Christophe Vandeviver (project PI) and Prof. Wim Bernasco (NSCR, VU Amsterdam), as well as other scholars as appropriate.

Full text of vacancy in pdf