Paul Fairall: The role of criminal law in shaping Australia as a modern democracy

22-03-2017 from 18:00 to 19:00
Filmzaal Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, 9000 Gent
Svitlana Berezhna
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In de eerste gastlezing van het LL.M.-programma vertelt Prof. Paul Fairall hoe het strafrecht vorm gaf aan Australië als een moderne democratie.


Professor Paul Fairall: "The role of criminal law in shaping Australia as a modern democracy"

"Australia has a complex system of overlapping criminal laws and enforcement mechanisms. Criminal law is largely a state matter and the federal government has no plenary power to legislate for criminal law, although it may do so to support specific heads of power. Despite the constitutional limitation, there has been a remarkable increase in the scope and coverage of federal criminal law, in areas such as national security, drug law, immigration, money laundering, environmental protection, internet security and sexual offences, to name a few.
The thesis of this talk is that for Australia’s population of 23m there are significant costs in operating a multi‐jurisdictional system of state and federal law criminal law. Furthermore, complex systems of intersecting and overlapping criminal law undercut one of the prime purposes of codification, that of certainty and clarity.
As criminal law becomes increasingly an international issue, the complexity of layered criminal jurisdiction also becomes an issue of international relations and politics."

The lecture is followed by a reception at auditorium E (= Universiteitstraat 8).

Registration is free.
For non-LL.M. students, please confirm attendance before Friday 17-03-2017 to Mrs. Svitlana Berezhna.

Professor Paul Fairall

PROFESSOR PAUL FAIRALL is Foundation Dean of Law at Curtin Law School since 2012. He served as Foundation Dean of Law at the University of South Australia (2007‐2011); Dean of Law and John Bray Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide (2002‐2006); and Professor of Law and Dean of Law at James Cook University (1995‐2001). He is one of Australia’s most experienced law deans and a Director of the Australian Academy of Law. He has taught at Universities throughout Australia.

Professor Fairall has served as consultant to state and federal governments in areas of criminal law reform. He has a particular interest in criminal defences and political crimes. He has written extensively on criminal law and human rights. He has completed several technical works on criminal law relating to specific offences and defences generally, among which: Criminal Defences in Australia, LexisNexis, 5 ed, 2017, with Malcolm Barrett; Homicide, Thomson Reuters, 2012.