'New NATO. Even better now!'

(03-12-2020) Does a simple slogan saves NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)? On the 7th of December, NATO Ambassador Pascal Heyman will give his vision of a 'new NATO' during an open guest lecture.

More than a slogan, NATO is engaged in real change. Pascal Heyman is Belgium's permanent representative in NATO. He will be a guest for the students of our international LLM courses on the 7th of December. After the guest lecture there will be time for debate and questions. This online event is open to everyone inside and outside UGent.

Some are already shouting that NATO is superfluous. Fact is that NATO, as a result of the Cold War, has entered a different era. Since its foundation in 1949, NATO has been regarded as the most successful military alliance. But what about today?

  • Is NATO in tune with today's challenges?
  • Countries re-nationalise their defence policies
  • Europe is looking for its own external safety policy. Outside Europe, too, there are those who believe that the EU should manage its own affairs.

In any case, the balance of power in 2020 is very different from that in 1949.

Join and ask your questions

Students from all over the world follow 1 of our 3 international LLM programmes at the Faculty of Law and Criminology. They are not only lectured by our own experts. Prominent guest lecturers visit regularly. This session with the Belgian NATO ambassador is open to everyone.

- Monday 7 December 2020
- From 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
- In English
- Online
- Title of the lecture: 'If NATO did not exist, would we have to invent it?
- By Pascal Heyman, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO.
- Participation is free after registration. For more information, please send an e-mail to Svitlana.Berezhna@UGent.be. Afterwards you will receive the link to the meeting.