Introduction to the law library

Library facilities

1. Helpdesk

In every reading room you'll find a helpdesk with a member of the staff at your disposal. We will try till help you with all your concerns, naturally as long as it's linked to our library.

2. Printing, Scanning and Copying

To pay for printouts and copies you need to use the epurse-system.



Adding credit is done online, on You can only add credit if you have an UGent account.

Use your UGent login and password to log on to and follow the steps to make an online payment.

Charging starts at € 10. You can also view your balance.

Note: most of the options require a bank payment terminal.


Place your student card (or UGent-card) on the multifunctional payment terminal.

If your student card (or UGent-card) is not linked to your account yet, following message will appear.

Choose OK. Then log on with your UGent login name and password. You only need to do this once: your card is now linked to your account.

The system only remembers the last linked card. When your card is lost/stolen you can link another card. The old one will be blocked. Your online credit is linked to your account, so if your student card (or UGent-card) needs to be replaced, this will not affect your credit. You can link the new card till your account.


Prices are the same for printing and copying: 0.04EUR.  Scanning is free.

It's cheaper when you select double-sided printing or copying.



single sided

€ 0,04




€ 0,06


You can print from the computer you're logged in with your UGent login name and password. Tasks are sent to the multifunctional from your account.

To retrieve your copies, make sure that the multifunctional you use with your student card (or UGent-card) is linked to your account. Other users cannot retrieve your prints.

You print to 'Follow me on epursePrint’. Printer properties can be set (e.g. single sided/double-sided, colour/black and white).

Your copies can be retrieved from all devices in the UGent print system. This means that - if something would go wrong with one multifunctional - you can retrieve your copies from another multifunctional.

Place your card on the payment terminal and choose Print.


Choose Copy/Scan on the payment terminal and "Toegang opgesl. best" on the multifunctional. Some USB flash drives or file formats aren't recognized: you will have to use a public computer to print.


Place your card on the payment terminal and choose Copy. On the multifunctional you choose Copy.

3. Borrowing policies


All registered staff and students of the University of Ghent are automatically entitled to free borrowing from the Law Library.

Borrowing is also available to other categories of library users.  Retired UGent staff members, staff members of the University Hospital Gent, staff members and students of the 'Hogeschool Gent', 'Artevelde Hogeschool' and the 'Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen' can register for free, using their staff or student card. After registration they can use this card as their library card. The same regulations apply to all students and personnel of other educational communities associated with the UGent.

All other visitors can register as a library user using their identity card. After paying the weekly or yearly fee of 5 or 10 Euros respectively, they receive their library card.


The books on criminology - shelf numbers RBIB.CRI - can be loaned for 4 weeks and the reader can renew its reservation 3 times by sending an email to

All other books in the law Library can only be checked out during the weekend (Friday PM- Monday AM).

Friday 12.00 PM till Monday 12.00).

Only staff can borrow all books for a period of 4 weeks.

If the due date coincides with a closing day, then the due date is reported until the first opening day.


Bring all items (no more than 10 books at a time) that you wish to check out to the circulation desk in the reading room Universiteitstraat together with your university card. Please return all borrowed items to the same desk.


  1. Only books (no serials) from the Law library can be lent out. These do not include dictionaries or statute books.
  2. The user is responsible for all works registered to his name and cannot lend the borrowed works to a third party.
  3. As long as a user is in the possession of books of which the borrowing period
  4. The lender is personally responsible for returning lent books in due time and in unchanged conditions.
  5. Upon loss or damage the price of the item will be charged to the user.

4. Interlibrary loan (ILL)

ILL or 'Interlibrary loan' enables patrons to get articles or books from any library, both in Belgium or abroad.

Books are usually available in print. Journal articles and book chapters are usually delivered as pdf-attachment to an email. Some supplying libraries have restrictions, e.g. the items supplied can only be viewed in the requesting library and may not be borrowed. ILL requests are not for free, please check the price list below.

The document delivery service also provides books and articles available in a UGent library at a remote faculty. ILL requests met by UGent libraries are free for UGent students and staff. Requests for items that are available in electronic form or available in the faculty of the requester will be cancelled. At UGent, items like reference works, old and precious books, manuscripts and maps are excluded from ILL. They can be consulted at the library only.

This service is only available to registered patrons.

Payment : Requesters have to pay the amount due in the library upon pickup of the book. Articles and chapters are available in digital form, payment is due in the library, within one month after delivery.

Current pricing for interlibrary requests :

document available at any UGent location

/ document delivered from outside

UGent students

0,00 €

5,00 €

UGent staff

0,00 €

10,00 €

HoGent, Artevelde hogeschool or HoWest students

5,00 €

5,00 €

HoGent, Artevelde hogeschool or HoWest staff

5,00 €

10,00 €

Library card holders

5,00 €

10,00 €

All other requesters

25,00 €

not available

To start an ILL request :

Go to, choose the service “Document delivery (ILL)”.

Choose “start an online request here”.

You need to sign in with your UGent account and then complete the request form.

5. Computer services


The Library has 70 workstations.
All terminals in the library should be used for library purposes only. E-mail and word-processing is available at the 60 terminals in the Computer Class Room at the Paddenhoek 3.


Click here.

6. Available databases

Click here to consult the databases.


The Law Library has a subscription to Jura, Jurisquare, Monkey and Stradalex.

Jurisquare is available for students on and off campus.

  • off campus : using Athenax – select ‘juridische bronnen”
  • on campus : at the desktops in the Law library and  the Computer Class Room and on your mobile device using the Eduroam wireless service.

Jura, Monkey and Stradalex are only available on campus : on the desktops in the Law Library and in the Computer Class Room (Paddenhoek 3).  A basic version of Jura is also available using Athenax, but not the full text version.

There is also an online dictionary available on campus: le Docte.



The law Library has a subscription to the following databases :

-          Kluwer navigator (Dutch law)

-          BJU journals (Dutch)

-          Journals of Paris Publisher (Dutch)

-          Dalloz (French)

-          Lextenso (French)

-          Juris-classeur Lexis Nexis (French)

-          Beck online (German)

-          Kluwer Law International journals

-          International Encyclopedia of Laws (IEL)

-          Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law

-          Hein Online

-          Westlaw

With the exception of Beck, all these databases are available off campus and on campus.   Beck can only be consulted on campus.

7. Catalogue of the University of Ghent

Click here to consult the catalogue.