Belgian Chamber of Representatives

Belgian Senate


Crossroads bank for the Belgian legislation. This portal website is the result of a collaboration agreement between a number of federal, communal and regional institutions.

Belgisch Staatsblad (vanaf 1969)

Council of State

Constitutional Court

Court of cassation

Database treaties Foreign Affairs Belgium

DMR (database environmental law)

Database by Ghent University’s Centre for Environmental Law with the aim of simplifying and systemizing research within the relevant environmental legal theory. This database was updated on 9 June 2016.

Available both on and off campus

Elementaire rechtspraak

Through this database you will find a selection of practical applications of recent jurisdiction.

Flemish Codex

Here you’ll find the complete, consolidated Flemish regulation from 1 January 1964 up until the present day.

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The law and regulations of the French Community in Belgium.

High Council of Justice

Journal for Private law

Online archive for the journal. It offers the full text for the publication years 1964-1998. The issues from 1999 and after have been incorporated in the Jura database.

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Belgian legal database by Kluwer. It contains the full text (with annotations) of all legislation in force, of most legal journals and of the most important Kluwer loose-leaf materials and annuals. In addition, the database offers quite an exhaustive list of references for any jurisdiction and legal theory published by Belgian legal publishers. It also offers a web search that allows you to browse all public sources on legal matters.

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Portal for the Belgian Judiciary

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Jurisquare contains the most important Belgian legal journals as well as a selection of books (not for download or print).

On campus: access to all publications
Off campus: access to all publications except those by Kluwer and Larcier



MonKEY is the specialised database for tax, finance & accountancy of Kluwer.

Navigator Legislation on Human Environment, Nature and Energy

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Parliament of Flanders

Parliament of Wallonia

Parliament of the German-speaking Community

Parliament of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels



SenLex contains official information on the Belgian institutional regulation.

For every article of the institutional regulation, this database compiles all official information available: the legal text, the legal history, the parliamentary preparation, the judgment by the Constitutional Court, and the Council of State’s opinion.

Strada Lex

Belgian legal database with (among other things) the Larcier Codes, the full text for jurisdiction and legal theory published in the Larcier journals, and the full text for Répertoire Notarial. The database also provides a search for official sources.

The Belgian constitution


legislation in Wallonia