Lunch seminar: Trade Agreements and human rights - The case of the EU-Chile Association Agreement


GRILI and the UGent Human Rights Centre have the pleasure to invite you to a lunch seminar on trade agreements and human rights in Latin America, with presentations of José Aylwin (Universidad Austral de Chile) and Deborah Martens (UGent).

Trade Agreements and human rights: The case of the EU-Chile Association Agreement
José Aylwin, Human Rights Lawyer (Observatorio Ciudadano, NGO)

This presentation will provide information on Chile and on the impacts that trade agreements in general, and the EU- Chile association agreement in particular, have had on human rights, particularly on indigenous peoples’ rights. It will also analyze the international human rights standards and guidelines on business, trade and human rights and their potential implications  in the context of the renewal of the EU-Chile Association Agreement. Furthermore, it will refer to the process through which this agreement is being renewed, and to the lack of adequate participation of civil society as well of indigenous peoples and other sectors of society in Chile in this process.

Trade agreements and labour rights: the case of the EU-Central America Association Agreement
Deborah Martens (PhD researcher, Centre for EU Studies)

This presentation will explore whether and how the EU can improve labour conditions in third countries. The empirical focus is twofold: (1) the civil society mechanisms established in the chapter on trade and sustainable development of the EU-Central American Association Agreement and (2) their potential for the promotion of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 22 May from 12.30 until 14.00 in the IRCP meeting room (Campus Aula, Universiteitstraat 4, third floor). Attendance is free; sandwiches will be provided. Please notify your attendance to