Specal Issue NQHR "Migration, gendered borders and human rights"


The special issue "Migration, gendered borders and human rights" of the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (vol. 37, no. 4) focuses on the gendered nature of borders, as they rely on/reinforce socially constructed norms of masculinity and femininity. As a result, these figurative borders undermine the equal enjoyment of human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers along gender lines. Specifically, gendered borders are analysed in relation to the themes of asylum, domestic labour and gender-based violence, on the basis of contributions of Natalie Sedacca, Vladislava Stoyanova, Janna Wessels, Carmelo Danisi and Christel Querton. The issue was edited by Eva Brems, Lourdes Peroni and Ellen Desmet.