Nicole de Moor

Nicole de Moor obtained in 2008 with great distinction the degree of Master of Laws, option National and International Public Law, at Ghent University. In the context of the European Exchange Programme Eramus, she spent her last semester at the University of Łódź in Poland. In 2008 she obtained the diploma LL.M. in International and European Law, option Public International Law, at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Her curriculum gives evidence of a strong preference for International Refugee Law and International Humanitarian Law, as shown for example by her participation in the Jean Pictet International Humanitarian Law Moot Court. Her thesis dealt with the international recognition and protection of environmental refugees. During the second semester, Nicole worked for the Amsterdam Law Clinic, where she advised on various topics of International Public Law. During her stay at the University of Amsterdam, Nicole also worked as a student-assistant of Prof. Dr. Marjoleine Zieck, professor of International Refugee Law.

From August 2008 until May 2009, Nicole worked as a legal advisor in immigration law at the Vlaams Minderhedencentrum (Flemish Centre for Minorities), where she was responsible for counseling and policymaking with regard to immigration and refugee law. From May 2009 until 2013, she was conducting Ph.D. research at the Department of Public International Law, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. An Cliquet (promotor) and Prof. Dr. Frank Maes (co-promotor), on migration as a possible adaptation strategy for communities affected by environmental degradation, in particular in the context of the European Union. From April to July 2010, she also worked as an advisor at the Office of the State Secretary for Migration and Asylum, Melchior Wathelet.

Besides her mother tongue Dutch, Nicole also speaks English and French. She has notions of German and Polish.

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