Nils Goeteyn

Nils Goeteyn obtained the diplomas Master at Law, option public international law (2006) and Master at the specialised studies of European Law (2007) at Ghent University. In 2006, he was a laureate of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and won the price of “Best Oralist” in the national rounds. In 2007 he was one of the keynote speakers during the symposium on the future role of NATO, organised by the Euro-Atlantic Movement of Belgium. In the same year, Nils also participated in the Harvard World Model United Nations competition in Geneva, Switzerland.

After a short interlude in the banking world, Nils joined the department Public International Law of Ghent University in January 2008. Through a BOF Scholarship he is working on a PhD research under the working title “Towards a more effective International Environmental Governance”, and focuses on the international environmental governance structures and the debate on the strengthening thereof.

Between October 2008 and April 2009, Nils stayed in Nairobi, Kenya. He was continuing his PhD research on International Environmental Governance (IEG) at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Thanks to the Belgian Department of Foreign Affairs he was further able to follow the preparations and the negotiations on the future of IEG at the 25th Regular Session of the UNEP Governing Council. He regularly participated in international negotiations, e.g. in the Nairobi-process on IEG and the Regular Sessions of the UNEP Governing Council.

Apart from that, Nils was responsible for the training and coaching of students participating in international moot courts and negotiation simulations. Nils defended his PhD successfully on 27 August 2012.