Luca Ferro

Luca Ferro obtained his Master of Laws degree, magna cum laude, at Ghent University in July 2012. During that academic year, he also interned at the Flemish division of the Liga voor Mensenrechten.

In 2013-14, Luca combined the Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in Public International Law, specialization International Criminal Law, with the Talent Programme of the Graduate School of Legal Studies at Leiden University. He joined the Department of Public International Law (Grotius Centre) the following year as a research and teaching assistant.

Luca started his PhD research in March 2015 at the Department of European, Public and International Law at Ghent University under the supervision of Prof. dr. Tom Ruys. His research focuses on third-State assistance to parties in a non-international armed conflict, and the rules of public international law in that context.