Teaching Chair Port of Ghent

Logo of Port of GhentOn Januari 7, 2016, Ghent university launches the 'Teaching Chair Port of Ghent' in collaboration with the Port of Ghent. 

With this Chair, the Maritime Institute aims to strengthen its expertise in the field of Port and Maritime economics. This expertise will moreover be a strong asset to the education in the Interuniversitary Master in Maritime Science. Furthermore, the Chair encourages the collaboration with other foreign universities.


Prof. dr. Theo NotteboomHolder of the Chair is professor dr. Theo Notteboom, who will be involved in the education, research and service of the Maritime Institute of Ghent university.

Prof. Notteboom has extensive international research experience at among others the high profile maritime University of Dalian (China), where he is appointed as Foreign Expert/Professor at the Transportation Management College. In April 2015, Theo Notteboom was awarded the ‘High-end Foreign Expert’ status by the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs.

This maritime expert is moreover guest professor at the World Maritime University in Malmö (Zweden) and MPA Visiting Professor in Port Management at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Prof. Notteboom is only a great asset for the education and research of Ghent University, but is undoubtedly a link between the Maritime Institute of Ghent University and diverse foreign maritime universities.

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