Defended PhD's Maritime Institute

  • STEVENS Frank (Belgium)
    The Legal Position of the Party Holding the Bill of Lading.
    E. Van Hooydonk, 18/01/2017
  • QIN He (China)
    Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: A Comparative Study between European and Chinese Law.
    F. Maes, E. Somers, 26/06/2014
  • MURILLO CHAVARRO Jimena  (Columbia)
    The human right to water: a legal comparative perspective at the international, regional and domestic level.
    F. Maes, E. Somers, 11/06/2014
  • COPPENS Jasmine
    Migrants at Sea: A Legal Analysis of a Maritime Safety and Security Problem.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, A. Cliquet, 30/05/2013
  • LIU Nengye (China)
    Prevention of Vessel-Source Pollution, A Comparative Study between EU and Chinese Law.
    F. Maes, E. Somers, A Cliquet, 3/09/2012
  • DOUVERE Fanny
    Marine Spatial Planning: concepts, current practice and linkages to other management approach.
    F. MAES A Cliquet, 2010
  • GONSAELES Gwendoline
    EC Competence in Decision-Making, Implementation and Enforcement of International Maritime Regulations (2vol).
    E. Somers, F. Maes (copromotor), 17/12/2009
  • WAMBUA Paul Musili (Kenia)
    Governance of forgotten province: a critical appraisal of the policy, legal and institutional frameworks for the control and management of marine resources within Kenya's maritime zones.
    E. Somers, F. Maes (copromotor), 05/03/2009
  • ZOU LIN (China)
    Limitation of liability in maritime law.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, A. Cliquet, 15/10/2008
  • DE DECKER Marc
    Juridische aspecten van codificatie en harmonisering van de Europese internationale rivierenregimes.
    E. Somers, F. Maes 2003 (UA)
  • BARUTI-Likoyi (Congo)
    La facilitation du trafic maritime Congolais et la privatisation des ports maritimes de la République Démocratiques du Congo. Eléments d'étude pour un meilleur rendement des ports de Matadi, Boma, Banana et Ango- Ango.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, 13/12/2001
    Activities Affecting Archaeological and/or Historical Valuable Shipwrecks in International Waters, Public International Law and what it offers.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, 06/12/2001
    Natuurbehoud in het mariene en kustzone milieu. Overzicht en analyse van de juridische mogelijkheden, met  bijzondere aandacht voor het mariene en kustzonemilieu van België.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, 26/01/2001
  • MAPUNDA Benedict Thomas (Tanzania)
    The Law of the Sea in Tanzania: An Assessment of the Implementation of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, 2000
  • JUMA Ibrahim H. (Tanzania)
    Protection of Marine Environment from Land-Based Sources of Pollution: Matching Tanzanian Domestic Law to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
    E. Somers, F. Maes, 2000
  • MAES Frank
    Protection of the North Sea against pollution caused by shipping. International rights and duties of states, with particular attention to European state practice.
    E. Somers, 1996