Research Team

Tenured academic staff

  • Prof. Dr. Frederik Vandendriessche (research director)

Voluntary researchers

  • Dhr. Thomas Deruytter

    Thomas Deruytter studied the Master Environmental Law at Ghent University in 2009. Since then he has been a voluntary affiliated researcher in the UGent Center for Environmental and Energy Law. In that context, Thomas took part in writing the Energy Law Handbook, and he annually gives a guest lecture on energy efficiency in the course energy law. Following an internship at the European Commission, DG Environment, Unit Environmental Treaties and Trade, he worked from 2010 to 2015 as a lawyer specialized in energy law at a reputable law firm. Since 2015, he works as legal counsel at Veolia, a company active in the energy, water and waste sectors.

  • Dhr. Wouter Geldhof



  • Dhr. Ludo Veuchelen

    Since 2007, Ludo Veuchelen is a free scientific collaborator at the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law of the UGent.
    Ludo Veuchelen has been working until 2015 as the Legal Officer of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK•CEN (Brussels/Mol), the scientific expertise centre of nuclear research in Belgium, where he mentored 5 Phd Projects, as financed by SCK•CEN, as for nuclear liability and insurance, and on the Precautionary Principle in Health Law (nuclear medicine and radiation).
    Ludo Veuchelen is the author of many scientific publications and he is often asked as a speaker on Energy and Environmental Law, in particular on Sustainable Development and Energy Transition.
    In 2015, Ludo Veuchelen was appointed as Distinguished International Fellow at the RILE Institute for Law&Economics at the ERAMUS University of Rotterdam. He works now in a PhD Project relating to “Plastic Soup” (pollution of the ocean by plastics) at the University of Maastricht (Institute METRO, Prof. Michael Faure).


The research unit Energy Law is open for all researchers at Ghent University who want to build up research or services for Energy Law.