UITGESTELD: Under Pressure: International law and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 25/03/2020

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Studenten , Medewerkers , Alumni
25-03-2020 van 10:00 tot 12:00
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Tom Ruys
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GRILI, the Human Rights Centre and the European Middle East Project are hosting a seminar on international law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It will feature three distinguished speakers:

- Brigitte Herremans (HRC researcher) on 'Human rights under fire: Lawfare and the shrinking space for human rights defenders in Israel'

- Martin Konecny (European Middle East Project) on 'Trump's Middle East plan and the international order'

- Tom Ruys (GRILI) on 'Settling Palestine's status at the International Criminal Court'

The seminar will not take place on Wednesday 25 March 2020, due to measures with regard to the corona virus.

Please check the GRILI website for an update and more information on future events.