Zacharoula Kyriazi

Zacharoula Kyriazi holds a MSc in Sustainable Management of Protected Areas and a Degree in Maritime Studies.

Her research as a PhD candidate focused on modelling the socio-ecological systems interactions in marine space in the context of the implementation of Marine Spatial Planning. Her PhD research was linked to the EU-FP7 project MESMA. Prof. dr. Frank Maes was co-pomotor of the doctoral research.

Other research interests include: Spatial Decision Making, Conflict Analysis and Management, Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Services Valuation and Marine Sustainable Development.

She has worked for NGOs in the field of Coastal and Marine Sustainable Development and Protection since 2007 coordinating or taking part in a set of projects funded by EU, the Greek Government and the Private Sector.

She has also worked for Greek private companies in the field of maritime and economic consultancy and advisory services.

Roula Kyriazi defended her PhD succesfully on June 22, 2017.