Miao He

Miao He obtained the Master’s Degree of law in Wuhan University in 2009 as an outstanding graduate.

During her master’s study, her main field of research was Jurisprudence and human rights law. She published “A Probe of Rights and Interests Protection for the Disabled in the Reconstruction after the Earthquake” in 2009, ”Human Rights Protection under Chinese Constitutional System in the Perspective of Western Jurisprudence” in 2008 and other 7 articles in different Chinese magazines. She was a participating writer for three books, viz. “Research on Legal Protection Institution for a Right to Equal Development”, ”Research on Chinese Leaders’ Legal Thoughts”, ”New Perspectives to Western Jurisprudence”.

Since October 2010, she was working on her PhD degree at the Department of Public International Law, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. An Cliquet (Promotor) and Prof. Dr. Frank Maes (co-promotor), on the topic of “A Rights-based Approach to Conserve Protected Areas: A Comparison Between the EU and China”.

She researched on how to use a rights-based approach to conserve protected areas to solve the potential conflict(s) between conserving protected areas and human right(s) through comparatively studying on the EU and China.

The PhD was defended successfully on November 26, 2014.