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Ecological Debt and Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)

  • Promotor: Prof. Dr. F. Maes
  • Duur: january - juni 2004
  • Uitgevoerd door: Frank Maes & Jesse Lambrecht
  • Samenvatting [en]: This project is part of the VLIR-project ‘Elaboration of the Concept of Ecological Debt’, which started in July 2003. The latter is divided into a core research and a modular research. The core research focuses on the clarification of the concept in general terms (definition, methodology, frame of reference). The modular research aims at studying the relevance and applicability of the concept in Belgian and international policy and is subdivided in three parts: energy / climate change, agriculture / food supply and multilateral environmental agreements. In this last module, research questions are: “In what way can ecological debt be integrated in multilateral environmental agreements?”, “What are the obstacles in present context?” and “What kind of solutions might be found?”. An international conference on “The concept of ecological debt, its meaning and applicability in international policy” was held on 18 May in the Flemish Parliament.
  • Partners:
    • Centre for Sustainable Development – Ghent University (Prof. Bernard Mazijn, Erik Paredis, Gert Goeminne)
    • Department of Plant Production – Ghent University (Prof. Dr. Patrick Van Damme, Wouter Vanhove)
    • Flemish Platform on Sustainable Development (Leida Rijnhout, Geert Fremout)