Projecten [en]

Project on elaboration and implementation of a national chemical spill contigency plan for Latvia

Policy research concerning the implementation of OSPAR measures related to dangerous substances

Marine Resources Damage Assessment and Sustainable Management of the North Sea (MAREDASM)

Development of marine environmental protection regulations for Latvia and application of environmental port management

Analysis of the Belgian policy with respect to the protection of the North Sea against pollution
Prof. A. Cliquet: Uitvoerder van het onderzoeksproject “Analyse van het Belgisch beleid met betrekking tot de bescherming van de Noordzee tegen verontreiniging” (promotor Prof. Dr. E. Somers), Onderzoeksfonds, UGent, 1990-1991.

Study of the quantity, the storage and the disposal of operational waste streams and cargo residues from various transportmodi and from port-related companies in the port of Ghent

Exploratory research on the substitution of environmentally dangerous substances

Impulse Programme Maritime Sciences: Towards a future policy concerning the protection of the North Sea: social and economic consequences