Doctoral Thesis Isabelle Bambust

Title: De actuele plaats en de actuele invulling van het begrip “een taal die de bestemmeling begrijpt” in de Europese grensoverschrijdende betekening in burgerlijke zaken – Enkele rechtvaardige aanbevelingen

Defended on 4/11/2016)

Since the year 2000 the language rule in the context of European cross-border service in civil matters is the subject of Article 8 of the European Service Regulation. The concept of “a language which the addressee understands” got a place in that provision. Is this concept really operational alongside the official language of the place of service? And what exactly is meant by the term “a language which the addressee understands”? In the first two parts,I examine the current position of that concept versus the official language and the interpretation of that concept. In a third part, I study whether an autonomous right to a translation exists. After a critical analysis, I provide some righteous recommendations. The fourth part contains a proposal for the development of a European Judicial Language register.