Presentations at the BILETA 2018 conference: Digital Futures: Places and People, Technology and Data


On 10 and 11 of April 2018 Ingrida Milkaite and Argyro Chatzinikolaou will present their research at the annual BILETA conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Argyro Chatzinikolaou will present her research on “Conceptualising Online Sexual Acts in which Children are Involved: Towards the Construction of a Typology”. The paper, co-authored with prof. dr. Eva Lievens, builds on research carried out in the framework of the research project “Minors and Online Sexual Acts: a Study of Legal Qualifications and Regulatory Approaches from a Children's Rights Perspective”, funded by the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO Vlaanderen).

Ingrida Milkaite will present a paper, also co-authored with prof. dr. Eva Lievens, “Children’s Rights to Privacy and Data Protection around the World: Challenges in the Digital Realm”. It was written in the context of a research project “A children’s rights perspective on privacy and data protection in the digital age: a critical and forward-looking analysis of the General Data Protection Regulation and its implementation with respect to children and youth”, Special Research Fund, Ghent University.

The programme and additional information on the conference is available on the BILETA website