UGent Law & Technology researchers present their work in Belfast


Argyro Chatzinikolaou, Ingrida Milkaite, Judith Vermeulen and Carl Vander Maelen attended the BILETA 2019 conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 16 to 17 April 2019. 

Argyro gave a talk on “Sexual Images of and by Children: Online Platforms’ Policies and the EU Legal Framework”

Ingrida presented a paper co-authored with Eva Lievens on “Consent, contract and legitimate interests as grounds for lawful processing of children’s personal data in the EU: investigating an unexpected turn of events”

Judith spoke about “Permissibility of Algorithmic News Selection and Personalisation in View of the Rights to Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Opinion”


Carl presented his award-winning paper “From Opt-In to Obligation: Regulating Globally Operating Tech Companies through Alternative Regulatory Instruments”


The BILETA 2019 conference website can be found here.

More info on The BILETA 2019 conference programme is accessible here.