MyUnit wins the 2nd Ghent University Legal Techathon

(26-11-2019) After almost 48 hours of intense brainstorming and prototyping by all participating teams, the 2nd Ghent University Legal Techathon has come to an end with MyUnit emerging as the winner of the 2019 edition.

From 15 to 17 November, four multidisciplinary teams of students in law, IT and economics worked together in the second edition of the Ghent University Legal Techathon to find a market-viable technological solution for a legal problem.

OwnIT (Ruben De Bleser, Lennert Van Impe, Amber Gardeyn, Jaanus Sildam & Ferre Van Hauwermeiren) kicked off the pitch-round to the jury. Their service seeks to address the issue that most consumers do not read online privacy policies by translating these extensive written provisions into easy-to-understand emblems. Simultaneously, this offers companies reputational gains in displaying transparent privacy policies and a compliance advantage towards regulators.

MyUnit (Charlotte Le Jeune, Hannah Matthys, Maarten Windels, Robin De Baets, Chato De Veirman) offers a platform enabling tenants and landlords to prepare, conclude and follow up rental contracts for student housing, while also offering communication channels between parties to the contract, an inventory interface, payment and guarantee administration.

LegalMatch (Margot Luyckx, Elisabeth Buffel & Simon Chvojka) is a platform that connects law students who wish to gain experience in the legal world with practicing lawyers who need temporary help during workload peaks. Task descriptions, price and time settings, a rating system and more are all part of the developed ecosystem.

TalkItOver (Federico Di Persio, Miguel Van de Vaerd, Justine Naessens, Stéphanie Adriaens, Rene Decrock) is a platform that seeks to provide mediation tools to parties embroiled in a dispute. On the basis of psychological techniques and automated sentiment analysis, conversations are kept non-violent and solution-focused, with the possibility to refer the case to a professional mediator.

After intense deliberations, the jury ultimately chose MyUnit as the winner. The team went home with a 2500 € prize, generously offered by the law firm De Groote De Man, and a free ticket to the pitching round of Ghent University’s pre-accelerator track Expedition Do!

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work during these 48 hours. Every single team demonstrated a keen eye for identifying relevant legal problems and offering forward-thinking solutions, with a successful focus on multidisciplinary cooperation throughout the process.


The Second Ghent University Legal Techathon was made possible thanks to the financial support of