Carl Vander Maelen presents at PTC 2023 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

(19-01-2023) Carl Vander Maelen presented his PhD research on GDPR codes of conduct at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) 2023 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii (United States of America) on the 17th of January 2023.

His presentation was entitled ‘Articles 40-41 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation: Codes of (Mis)conduct?’. In it, he discussed three main elements. First, codes were situated in EU law, and the EU’s fragmented use of the term was highlighted. Second, the factors contributing to the failure of codes of conduct under the EU’s previous data protection framework were elucidated. Finally, Carl argued that the GDPR charts a different course, with an especially active role by the European Data Protection Board in offering guidance. Nonetheless, important issues remain such as difficult communication between corporations and authorities, and questions regarding the democratic deficit of codes.

Carl was able to attend the conference by winning the 2023 Emerging Scholar Program Award. Together with five other young scholars, his travel, accommodation costs and a one-year PTC Membership were covered by PTC.

The emerging scholars were guided during the conference by prof. dr. Elizabeth Fife who is also the co-chair of the PTC Researchers and Educators’ Committee. Additional events organized by PTC Beyond (which focuses on young professionals in the telecommunications industry) further allowed Carl and his fellow emerging scholars to network within the PTC community.