Carl Vander Maelen wins PTC Emerging Scholar Award for PTC ’23 conference in Honolulu

(09-11-2022) Carl Vander Maelen is one of the recipients of the 2023 Emerging Scholar Program Award, organised by the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

As part of the award, he will present his research at the PTC ’23 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.
His travel and accommodation costs are covered by PTC and he also gains a one-year PTC Membership.

Every year, PTC selects six junior scholars who receive the award. This year, Carl is joined by Anna Oriishi (Keio University, Japan), Prasanth Prahladan (University of Colorado Boulder, USA), George N. Ramirez (Sustainable Subsea Networks, USA), Monica Nila Sari (Keio University, Japan), and Ryan Wang (Penn State University, USA).

Carl is an academic assistant and PhD candidate at the research group Law & Technology. His supervisor is prof. dr. Eva Lievens. His research focuses on codes of conduct under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and their (extra)territorial aspects.

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