LLM Guest Lecture on the priorities of NATO

16-11-2016 van 18:00 tot 19:00
Auditorium B van Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid (Campus Aula, Universiteitstraat 4, 9000 Gent)
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Svitlana Berezhna
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Op 16 november geeft François de Kerchove d'Exaerde, permanent vertegenwoordiger van België bij de NATO, een gastlezing over de prioriteiten van de NATO.

Gastlezing “The Arch of Fire spans from the East (Ukraine) to South East (Afghanistan) and South (ISIL). Where should NATO priorities focus on?”

door Ambassadeur François de Kerchove d’Exaerde, Permanent Vertegenwoordiger van België bij de NAVO.

The security environment of today’s world is changing fast and proves incredibly complex. As far as NATO is concerned, it takes the shape of an arch of fire ranging from East to South, from Russian assertiveness in the Baltic area and hostile military initiatives in Ukraine to state‐like organized terrorism in the Middle‐East, North‐Africa and the Sahel region without forgetting the enormous challenges still faced by Afghanistan.

Furthermore, warfare has dramatically changed its very nature. We are now confronting threats not strictly limited to classical military action. The war has not only often become asymmetrical, it has also shifted to a very much hybrid form. Terrorist attacks, Cyber invasion or aggressive and illintentioned Strategic Communication are to be feared at least as much as more traditional military warfare.

NATO is a Defense organization for the Euro‐Atlantic territory that has already proved its agility to transform itself from a Cold‐War posture to a situation where collective defense is no longer the ultimate guarantee of security. Yet the Alliance is forced to adjust always better and faster to new circumstances and new challenges. Can NATO cope with all forms of threats? Does it have to prioritize its transformation and its response? Does it have to rely more on partners and which partners? What is the future of the transatlantic Defense and Security partnership?

These are the very questions which will be addressed by Ambassador Francois de Kerchove, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO, in his guest lecture.

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