Gastlezing: 'Fundamental Rights and State Security: inseparable allies' (F. Tulkens)

(09-11-2016) Op 30 November 2016 verzorgt em. prof. Françoise Tulkens een gastlezing over fundamentele mensenrechten in tijden van terrorisme en noodtoestand.

On 30 November the Constitutional Law Research Group will welcome Em. Prof. Françoise Tulkens, former judge in the European Court of Human Rights, for a guest lecture on “Fundamental rights and state security: inseparable allies”.

Prof. Tulkens will elaborate in English upon a highly important and timely topic, i.e. the compatibility of counterterrorism measures with international human rights. She will also shine a light on the advantages and pitfalls of a constitutional state of emergency.

The guest lecture will be introduced by Prof. Johan Vande Lanotte and followed by a reception.

Registration of attendance is mandatory.

Kind regards,
J. Vande Lanotte, J. Goossens, P. Cannoot, S. Devriendt

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