ScanSnap : self-service scanner (free of charge) available for Ugent students and staff


With the ScanSnap it  is possible to scan documents located in open rack

How to proceed ?

  • Turn the computer on
  • Login with your UGent account and click  the “ScanSnap Organizer” icon on the desktop
  • Activate the ScanSnap by pushing the “SCAN” button
  • Place the document face up
  • Push “SCAN”
  • If you want to scan more than one page  :
  1. click   “continue scanning” on the computer or
  2. push the scan button again (on the device)
  • When you’re finished, click   “Finish scanning” and you will get 2 options   :
  1. crop and save flat document images as-is or
  2. correct & save (if you choose this option you can modify the scanned document
  • Click  “save this image”
  • Click  “shortcut to folder”

This way you can save the scanned document on your personal (H)-drive (or a USB if wanted).


If you encounter any difficulties, please ask for assistance at the information desk.

Ensure you log off when finished !