Save the date: Summer School “The Ukraine Conflict(s): Forms, Trends, and Perspectives”


12-16 September 2022

The tragedy in Ukraine is the largest armed conflict and multi-dimensional crisis on the European continent since the implosion of Yugoslavia and the wars in the former Yugoslav space in the early 1990s. The current situation in Ukraine will not only determine the very nature of the country but of Europe in general. The open Russian invasion of 24 February 2022, however, was preceded by different forms of conflict in the country like protests, culture wars and proxy separatism that trace back to the early 2000s. The purpose of this multi-disciplinary Summer School, which will focus on the themes of identity, culture and culture wars; economic-ecologic dynamics and perspectives; displacement, humanitarian aid and reconstruction; and political-administrative and legal systems, is not only to provide a deeper understanding of the conflict, the region, the societies involved and the regional environment, but also to learn student participants how to approach these if they are to work with Ukraine in later professional environments or other capacities.

More information about the programme and registration will follow soon.