Prospect visit to Ekaterinburg - Ural Federal University


Professor Aleksey Yudin of the department of Languages and Cultures visited the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg (UrFU). Ghent University was coordinator of a large-scale Tempus project with universities in Ekaterinburg in the late 1990’s. The Russia Platform is now trying to reconnect and to find matches between UrFU and UGent.
In this respect, Professor Yudin had meetings with professors from the Institute of Humanities and Arts (Philology, History and Archeology), the Institute of Social and Political Sciences and the Institute of Natural Sciences.  Prof. Yudin discussed the possibility of student and staff exchange through a Cooperation Agreement with the first Vice-Rector, Prof. Dmitry V. Bugro, and the central International Relations Office.  Other opportunities were also discussed: guest lectures, joint PhD and research cooperation.

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