Visiting fellow in biomedical sciences

(23-04-2019) Tatiana Mishchenko, Lobachevsky University @ Department of Human Structure and Repair, Prof. Dmitri Krysko Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Dmitri V. Krysko (March 2019)

Tatiana Mishchenko graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) in 2009. She obtained her PhD (2015) in physiology at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Science in Saint Petersburg. Tatiana is currently a senior researcher at the Laboratory for Neuroprotection Methods Development and an assistant professor at the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department of the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine of UNN.

Her work at UGent was related to the study of immunogenicity of cell death modalities induced by photodynamic therapy in neuro-oncology.

Dr. Mishchenko: “Brain tumors, in particular gliomas, are ranked the second among the causes of death from malignant neoplasms and are poorly treatable. Several years ago, it has become clear that anti-cancer therapy is more successful when it can also induce an immunogenic form of cancer cell death. Thus, I investigate an ability of photosensitizers to induce immunogenic cancer cell death in glioma cells that could improve the effectiveness of anti-cancer therapy. The visiting fellowship gave me a unique opportunity to work closely with the international team of scientists lead by Professor Katharina D’Herde and Professor Dmitri Krysko at UGent. My stay in their lab allowed me to learn several new experimental techniques for analysis of cancer cell death immunogenicity in vitro and in vivo and this will help me in the near future to develop a completely new research line at my home university. The obtained results will be included in a joint paper. Moreover, during this stay I already presented these results as two poster presentations at “OncoPoint 2019” organized by the Cancer Research Institute Ghent. I believe that my visit will contribute to a long-term successful cooperation between our labs. There is an enormous interest of students from UNN to do stage abroad. For example, Viktoria Turubanova, a 1st year master student, for three months (January-March 2019) stayed in the same lab and did her master thesis. Therefore, I think that we need to develop further our cooperation. Currently a bilateral agreement between UGent and Lobachevsky University concerning a joint cooperation in the field of biomedical sciences is under preparation, which will certainly facilitate scientific and educational interactions between UGent and UNN.”

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