Visiting fellow: Applied Physics

(06-01-2020) Dr. Mikhail Pinchuk, Institute for Electrophysics and Electric Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEE RAS), visiting fellow at the department of Applied Physics (dr. Anton Nikoforov, prof. Christophe Leys)

Mikhail Pinchuk is head of the Plasma Diagnostics Laboratory at the Institute for Electrophysics and Electric Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEE RAS) in St.-Petersburg. His research interests are focused on gas discharge applications, plasma diagnostics, physics of electric discharge in gas and liquid. He actively participates in research and development projects, which are directly related to the research priority of science and technology. He has contributed crucially to the discovery of several new physical phenomena.

Dr. Pinchuk: “Ghent University is a classical European university with a rich history. A world-known scientific team led by Prof. Christophe Leys works in the field of my research interests.  I had a motivating discussion with Dr. Anton Nikiforov who was my promoter. I find our cooperation in science promising and prospective for both Belgium and Russia. The focus of my research stay at Ghent University was the study of atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ) driven by dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), more specifically the investigation of a behaviour of APPJ fed with sinusoidal and special designed waveform AC voltage. The preliminary results were presented at the scientific seminar of the department. In the future, we want to continue our experimental work together with the presentation of the joint results in publications. Our cooperation will increase our group’s expertise level in plasma diagnostics and plasma generation methods. And as supreme goal we want to use our results on plasma jet diagnostics in some researches on plasma treatments of biological objects to enhance an interdisciplinary topic of plasma medicine.  We hope our joint efforts will allow us to receive some outstanding scientific findings worthy to be appreciable by a scientific community. The most ambitious goal can be called a joint research project for the international and interdisciplinary study on APPJ applications in biomedicine.

Animated ICCD
Animated ICCD images of the stepwise regime propagation of the helium APPJ. Animation presented guided streamer evolution during one time period of the special waveform AC voltage [M. Pinchuk et al., Appl. Phys. Lett., 114(19), 194103 (2019)]. Experimental conditions were as follow: a discharge tube with the inner diameter 4.6 mm; peak-to-peak voltage of 4.6 kV; helium flow directed vertically upwards with a flow rate of 5.8 l/min. The images were got in the laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics.