Janssen-Cilag Systemic Sclerosis Chair


The chair has educational and research aspects, all related to scleroderma and microcirculation in rheumatic diseases. Broadly speaking, scleroderma includes conditions involving fibrosis of the skin, including systemic sclerosis, amongst others. The educational side of the chair aims to support multidisciplinary teaching on micro-, meso- and macrolevels. To this end, the multidisciplinary hands-on training, the educational meetings on this topic, and streamlining of education in Europe on this topic, are all aligned with the European Reference Networks (ERN) for rare connective tissue disorders and musculoskeletal conditions.  The research aspect relates to investigating possible translational/fundamental applications related to topics of the chair, such as innovative research tools including laser speckle contrast analysis, capillaroscopy, and sonography.


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Prof. Vanessa Smith