About the consortium

Our vision 

To turn excellent technological research results and knowledge
into industrially relevant, innovative solutions
for energy challenges c
ontributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

The playground of Ghent University’s Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) is the valorisation of technology and industrial collaboration with European and Flemish companies. SET is a thematic cluster of 15 research groups of Ghent University.

Our expertise in several technical fields of engineering is used in many applications. Within the framework of SET, we apply and pool them to bring added value in the field of energy, contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. Such a society will result from:

    • The installation of bigger, more advanced and intelligent wind turbines
    • The development and installation of wave and tidal energy devices
    • An increased level of energy efficiency in industry, especially the tools that are used in (controlling) energy flows, such as electrical machines, heat exchangers, waste heat recovery systems, internal combustion engines, expanders, …
    • A more efficient, intelligent use, supply, storage & local production of energy in the built environment, i.e. the building including its low voltage connection to the grid

Finally, we believe a sustainable society should provide jobs for white- and blue-collar workers alike.


SET -being a thematic cluster of 15 research groups of Ghent University- is your access gateway to the activities of Ghent University in the field of energy technologies. SET is a unique single point of contact for companies confronted with multidisciplinary challenges in the domain of energy. SET is an initiative in the framework of IOF, an initiative of the Flemish Government.

Focus domains

SET focuses its activities on 4 application areas:

  • Wind Energy, on- and offshore
  • Ocean Energy, i.e. wave and tidal energy
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry
  • Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

History & Achievements

SET was founded on 1 December 2008. Since then our SET has grown significantly to 15 member research groups with about 120 FTE. Its annual turn-over of industrially relevant project is growing year over year; in 2015 it was in the order of €4M. In the last five years 6 successful spin-offs were incorporated. The IP portfolio counts about 10 patents in different stages of development.

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