List of PhDs


xx/xx/2017 - Akil Osman

Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Study of the Aeroelastic Behavior of a Wire in Transonic and Supersonic Flows

xx/xx/2017 - Davide Ziviane

Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of Single-Screw Expanders for ORC Applications

xx/xx/2017 - Kristof De Koker

Optimised Power Take-Off Configuration for Wave Energy Converters

xx/xx/2017 - Thomas De Cuyper

Thin Film Gauges for the Study of Heat Transfer in Spark Ignition Engines

xx/xx/2017 - Sven De Schampheleire

Natural Convection in One- and Multidimensional Heat Sinks

28/06/2017 - Eline Himpe

Characterisation of Residential Energy Use for Heating Using Smart Meter Data

22/06/2017 -Alireza Rasekh

Computational Study of Convective Cooling and Windage Losses of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines 

07/06/2017 - Ahmed Ahemeida

Electromagnetic and Thermal Design of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

18/04/2017 - Christof Deckmyn

Multilayer Optimisation for Day-Ahead Energy Planning in Microgrids

17/03/2017 - Bart Scheerlinck

Fringing Flux Losses in Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines


6/07/2016 - Brecht Zwaenepoel

Drivers, Bottlenecks and Opportunities for Virtual Power Plants in the Belgian Electricity System

14/06/2016 - Iva Papeš

Computational Analysis of a Twin Screw Expander for Small Scale ORC Systems

20/05/2016 - Steven Lecompte

Performance Evaluation of Organic Rankine Cycle Architectures: Application to Waste Heat Valorisation


22/12/2015 - Jonas Timmerman

Development of a Techno-Economic Energy Model for Low Carbon Business Parks

08/12/2015 - Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Gebremichael

Power Electronic Requirements of Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles

10/11/2015 - Jeroen De Kooning

Optimal Current Waveform Shaping and Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Turbines

06/11/2015 - Marc Delghust

Enhancing the Predictive Power of Simplified Residential Space Heating Demand Models: a Field Data and Model Driven Study

08/10/2015 - Araz Darba

Current Commutation and Control of Brushless Direct Current Drives Using Back Electromotive Force Samples

24/09/2015 - Aboubakr Salem Mohamed Salem

Design and Analysis of Five-Level T-Type Power Converters for Rotating Field Drives

02/07/2015 - Louis Sileghem

A Study of the Combustion of Alcohol-Gasoline Blends in Internal Combustion Engines

26/05/2015 - Kathleen De Kerpel

Refrigerant Two-Phase Flow Behaviour and Pressure Drop up- and Downstream of a Sharp Return Bend


06/06/2014 - Bernd Ameel

Optimisation of Compound Louvered Fin and Vortex Generator Heat Exchanger

12/05/2014 - Vasiliki Stratigaki

    Experimental Study and Numerical Modelling of Intra-Array Interactions and Extra-Array Effects of Wave Energy Converter Arrays

    30/04/2014 - Colin Debruyne

    Impact of Voltage Distortion on Energy Efficiency of Induction Machines and Line Start Permanent Magnet Machines


    19/12/2013 - Jonas Galle

    Spray Atomization of Alternative Fuels in Medium Speed Diesel Engines

    23/09/2013- Jeroen Vancoillie

    Modeling the Combustion of Light Alcohols in Spark-Ignition Engines

    06/09/2013 - Damian Kowal

    Methodology to Evaluate the Influence of Electrical Steel Properties on the Design of Wind Turbine Generators

    23/08/2013 - Hendrik Vansompel

    Design of an Energy Efficient Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine

    02/07/2013 - Stijn Derammelaere

    Sensorloze detectie en regeling van de lasthoek bij hybride stappenmotoren

    01/07/2013 - Jelle Laverge

    Design Strategies for Residential Ventilation Systems

    13/03/2013 - Tine Vandoorn

    Voltage-Based Droop Control of Converter-Interfaced Distributed Generation Units in Microgrids

    19/02/2013 - Marnix Van Belleghem

    Modelling Coupled Heat and Moisture Transfer Between Air and Porous Materials for Building Applications

    29/01/2013 - Ivan Verhaert

    Model Based Evaluation of an Alkaline Fuel Cell System as a Micro-Cogeneration for Building Applications

    16/01/2013 - Nathan Van den Bossche

    Watertightness of Building Components: Principles, Testing and Design Guidelines


    20/12/2012 - Peter De Jaeger

    Thermal and Hydraulic Characterisation and Modelling of Open-Cell Aluminum Foam

    17/12/2012 - Joachim Demuynck

    A Fuel Independent Heat Transfer Correlation for Premixed Spark Ignition Engines

    06/06/2012 - Kim Goethals

    Convective Heat Transfer Modelling in Offices with Night Cooling

    20/04/2012 - Bart Meersman

    Control of 3-Phase Inverter-Connected Distributed Generators Regarding the Improvement of the Power Quality

    21/03/2012 - Thomas Vyncke

    Predictive Controllers for Direct Torque Control of AC MachinesElectrical Energy Laboratory

    09/03/2012 - Steven Thielemans

    Balancing and Control of Power Electronic Flying Capacitor Multilevel

    19/01/2012 - Lander Victor

    Optimization of the Hydrodynamic Performance of Overtopping Wave Energy Converters: Experimental Study of Optimal Geometry and Probability Distribution of Overtopping Volumes


    02/12/2011 - Henk Huisseune

    Performance Evaluation of Louvered Fin Compact Heat Exchangers with Vortex Generators

    24/06/2011 - Tom Maes

    Reductie van CO2-emissies op bedrijventerreinen in Vlaanderen door energiemanagement en energieplanning


    20/09/2010 - Kristof Geldhof

    Positie-sensorloze sturing van geschakelde reluctantiemotoren door excitatie van elektrische eigenfrequenties

    28/06/2010 - Lieven Degroote

    Invloed van decentrale productie op de netkwaliteit bestudeerd met een harmonische analyse van het distributienet met inbegrip van een niet-lineair transformatormodel

    31/03/2010 - Frederik De Belie

    Vector control without mechanical position sensor of synchronous machines with permanent magnets

    22/03/2010 - Marijke Steeman

    Hygrothermal Modelling for Building Energy Simulation Applications


    18/12/2009 - Charlotte Beels

    Optimization of the Lay-Out of a Farm of Wave Energy Converters in the North Sea

    07/12/2009 - Hugo Canière

    Flow Pattern Mapping of Horizontal Evaporating Refrigerant Flow Based on Capacitive Void Fraction Measurements

    04/12/2009 - Arnout Willockx

    Using the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem and Thermography for the Determination of Local Heat Transfer Coefficients and Fin Effectiveness for Longitudinal Fins

    18/11/2009 - Griet De Backer

    Hydrodynamic Design Optimization of Wave Energy Converters Consisting of Heaving Point Absorbers

    28/10/2009  - Chris Blommaert

    Composite Floating 'Point Absorbers' for Wave Energy Converters: Survivability Design, Production Method and Large-Scale Testing

    26/02/2009 - Bert Renders

    Converter-connected distributed generation and power quality in low-voltage grids

    Characterisation of Residential Energy Use for Heating Using Smart Meter Data